The line guy’s ways: professional declaring to operate for time period Warner wire was telling all on Reddit

The line guy’s ways: professional declaring to operate for time period Warner wire was telling all on Reddit

People declaring getting an occasion Warner wire professional was spilling secrets on Reddit.

Your time Warner line, the second-largest service of TV and websites across the nation, instructed crystal that it is exploring the posts. “We’re cannot examine if this type of person is obviously a current or past employees,” a spokesman explained.

Reddit individual cableguy_the launched an “Ask myself things” (AMA) line, publishing images of his ID badge and uniform as proposed proof of their work. Their answers to the questions can be found in are really honest. These are some features (typos protected).

On Comcast’s pending order of Time Warner cable tv:

We’d like the merger because the existing cluster accountable certainly is the evil in recent record. Many receiving terminated as a result of unworkable metrics. All electric power has-been for support services reps and stripped within the individuals that in fact check out the properties and correct harm . It’s a mess plus the company has been managed like stool IMHO [in my personal simple view].

Throughout the anxiety between specialists and service representatives:

Yea customer service repetitions and specialists tend to be preventing a conflict that no body considers. We all dread them, these people dislike north america. They inform people the issue is the equipment with regards to almost never happens to be. Most people tell users to just dismiss exactly what chap regarding mobile states because it’s likely really good, he has got never ever wired a house, strung a drop or corrected line.

On what’s really incorrect really association:

dont believe 50percent of just what rep of the cellphone informs you. Only set up the technology. Get your function. He’s carried this out in the past. The representative merely feedback mobile phones. it is rarely the gear leading to the concern.

Throughout the key for you to get far better assistance:

Any time a techie happens ,ask for his or her managers numbers. Tell him it is not to burn him but to elevate something. He could dub his own sup to be certain their awesome but that can help.

On what’s avoiding much faster internet download speed:

Honestly, fundamental analogue cable tv. It will require right up sooo a lot data transfer . 1 route per regularity vs connecting several frequencies to supply 8 networks for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . After we move 100percent digital tv.. net get more quickly. Also congestion. If you’re around a college it is what lies ahead . Granny would use the 15 meg for email and checking but younger Johnny college child slurps down the bandwidth in your neighborhood utilizing netflix and torrenting and video gaming. Yet the two spend similar. IMHO what can deal with it is capping data and offering every person uncapped pace.

On the reason why splitting the cable connections are an awful idea:

Adding a splitter to merely attenuate the indication is really dumb we all even have products known as attenuators which do this without adding unneeded splitter. But it is correct that an excessive amount of alert is equally as terrible as insufficient we refer to as that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA will definitely cost him his tasks:

I may get fired dependant upon that attracts me. I might go for an added bonus the so difficult to inform because of the form this provider is currently organized.

As to how Wi-Fi signs are unreliable, and can also get vanquished by entrances and rooms:

Sure very true. Plaster walls specifically.Solid material gates, inside a garage if the network router is on the 2nd floors or the other way round. Wifi is definitely a fickle animal.

On your “broken” line modem:

Yea we notice this a lot. I would personally talk about in a provided seasons I’d state 5percent associated with modems We switched are truly defective. Most of us accomplish plenty of pet and pony program and merely swap it anyway. The issue is generally certainly not machines related. Modems either operate or these san francisco escort girls people dont. You will find extremely little in-between. They are easy gadgets. I have tv series associates using my own personal laptop everything working alright, consequently switch over back in her gear and things travels to shit. They nonetheless demand an innovative new modem..Its insanity.