The Box invites you to be part of Brunei’s latest urban development in the heart of Telanai, boasting a unique positioning by offering flexible and affordable leases for cafes, restaurants, retailers, galleries, lifestyle brands, pop-up vendors and service-based businesses as well as delivering some of the most happening events in town – all within a vibrant commercial ecosystem like no other.

Want to make The Box shortlist? Simply submit a proposal deck
labelled “The Box Proposal” to The Tender Box located at
MMW @ K-HUB, Third Floor, Anggerek Desa Technology Park
Simpang 32-37, Berakas, Bandar Seri Begawan BB3713 Brunei
no later than Friday 30th August at 4pm


Any questions? Email or call 713 3343

The Box Tenant Tender Infopack



When will The Box be launched?

We have comfirmed the Unboxing on 8th September at 11am

Where do we hand in the tender for The Box?

Tenders can be emailed to or hardcopies may be submitted to our office located inside The Box during office hours.
8am – 5pm (Mon-Fri)
8am – 12nn (Saturdays)

When is the tender deadline?

30th August 2019.

When will The Box be ready for viewing?

Please make an appointment with our Property Manager via email to or call the box hotline at 7133343

How will you choose which businesses secure the spots?

We are looking for strong branding identity. Two of our prominent criteria’s

1) Uniqueness, which can play a role in the whole The Box ecosystem
2) Commitment, we prioritize tenants who have strong commitment and long term goals in working with The Box

Can we book a unit?

Yes, bookings will be accepted upon approval by The Box Management after screening submitted tender(s)

How many units can one business rent out?

We encourage one (1) unit per company as we are looking for more variety to be available to customers, unless different types of products are being offered for different units.

Is it possible to rent lots without cabin/that is not a container unit?

It can be considered. Proposals can be sent to Knowledge Hub.

Are Halal Certification and Company Registration required?

For the purpose of this tender, we would like to put high priority on attaching the company’s 16&17. However, we would prefer the Halal Certification papers to be provided prior to the opening of the box by all tenants in the F&B industry.

How long is a contract?

2 years.

After the end of a contract, do we need to remove all the assets and renovations made?

Yes, that will be required. Failure to do so will incur the 2 months’ deposit to revert the unit to its original state.

If a tenant wishes to terminate the contract (leave), how long is the notice period?

1 month notice will be needed and the 2 months’ deposit will not be refunded.

How early can a tenant renew their contract?

There will be a tenant/management review after every 6-month period.

How much rent does the tenant have to pay upfront?

First payment 2 months’ deposit. First month is free for renovation.

When is rent due?

Rent is due between the 28th (end of month) up to the 5th (early of the month). Payments made after the 15th will be subject to penalty.

Layout and Design

Do we need an architect to design the sketch or a simple sketch will do?

Both architect or a simple sketch is acceptable, as long as it is clear and easily interpreted.

Can we (tenants) change the door? Make it a roll up?

Yes, The Box will only provide empty units.

Can we (tenants) install two entries?

No, only one entry/exit is permitted.

Can tenants put up signage above the box?

Yes. Please include signage in proposal/tender.

Can they add benches?

Yes, tenants may propose benches within their boundaries only. For information, there will be 310 seats provided in the common area.

What if a tenant chooses to change the layout and design of their unit after their initial proposed tender and/or add renovations? Is that possible?

The tenants will have to resubmit a new proposal to the Management.

Are the slots for food vendors and other vendors be mixed or separated?

This is still under discussion, depending on the number of food and other vendors. However, those F&B that will take on live cooking will be in the Ground floor. If possible, we encouraged to use electrical cooker. No cooking will be allowed on the first floor.

The Box Amenities

Can you tell us how many parking spaces there are?

There are 190 parking spaces.

Do the food stalls provide exhaust fans? Are they hooded?

No, stalls doing cooking will need to install their own exhaust/ventilation fan/hood.

Are kitchens provided?

No, only one sink and lamp will be included in each unit. Stalls doing cooking will need to install their own exhaust/ventilation fan/hood and cooking area.

Will electricity be provided?

Each unit will have their individual electrical meter.

Does maintenance include drainage, sewage? Is it joint piping? Do tenants have to cover expenses or is this covered under maintenance?

Everything outside the tenants’ individual unit will be maintained by The Box e.g. drainage, sewage, rubbish, water and electricity. However, each unit will have their own electrical meter, this will be borne by the tenants.

Will the office space/units meet technology needs? Is there a backup generator on site?

The Box has a green eco sustainable design. Therefore, during instances of power shortages, the solar power will automatically take over. In addition to that, we also have back up from generator.

Will there be manages or staff (The Box) on duty 24/7 and are they able to be reached if grievances happen?

There will be a Centre Management Office located at The Box. Furthermore, there will be around the clock security.


Can we put a different name as our marketing although the company is registered under a different name?


What kind of marketing are the tenants entitled to?

Under The Box’s management, tenants will be entitled to several marketing collaterals such as:

  1. An online profile i.e. dedicated page on THE BOX’s website
  2. Mentions under list of tenants/vendors under THE BOX
  3. Social Media mentions and shout outs
  4. Quarterly newsletters

Additional marketing charges may vary accordingly for e.g. as marketing rates will be customized. Nevertheless, tenants will be given priority and special price when it comes to ad hoc marketing and events.

The Box will also be organizing events regularly to continuously draw traffic to the space.