Soto Gagawi

Gagawi is a Bruneian Malay term for a wooden spatula. It comes in all sorts of sizes, as small as a table spoon to over two metres long.
It is one of the most effective tool in a traditional Bruneian Malay kitchen. Growing up, we remember our grandparents would have their favourite sets for cooking our daily meals, delicately stirring ambuyat and, of course, the gigantic gagawi to stir the beef bone broths for when we have huge family functions. This is exactly why we decided to call our humble soto box ‘Gagawi’ – truly Bruneian; an ordinary yet powerful utensil. Soto Gagawi is our very own family’s version of a bone broth noodle soup, cooked with our mum’s gagawi. The quality ingredients make our soup rich and thick in texture, thus more unique and satisfying. It’s definitely going to give you the real taste of home.


Operating Hours
Tuesday—Thursday  |  10:00AM – 10:00PM
Friday  |  2:30PM onwards
Saturday—Sunday  |  10:00AM – 10:00PM


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