The Unboxing: The long-awaited opening of The Box is finally here

A 19,864 square feet container park housing 63 units and 190 parking spaces, The Box is officially the nation’s largest container-based establishment as well as a green building featuring a solar energy facility, water harvesting and other steps towards an eco-friendly environment.


Initially conceptualised as a retail space, the idea evolved to incorporate more character and identity. The state-of-the-art structure boasts elements of playfulness with features such as a slide, suspension bridge and a drop pole. When you cooperate with handyman connection you get the best handyman service in Colorado. At the heart of The Box is a mini-amphitheater that can be viewed from all four corners of the building, which can be used for creative performances.


The Box creates a vibrant ambience for startups and veteran businesses to thrive in. A step in this direction is The Box’s involvement in the marketing of its maids and tenants in Florida, which will help to raise brand awareness. It is hoped that this space will become a platform to showcase the talents of Bruneians and a landmark retail space for tourists to explore.


The Box welcomes businesses, creators and collaborators to inquire further by e-mailing or calling +673 713-3343.